Innovative, automated, turnkey ALL-in-one marketing,
sales and sponsorship system.
Build your own franchise business. (from 0€)

The revolution
of the sales funnel

Innovative all-in-one solution

The ROXXTTER Club is a pioneering IT company network that provides online software on ONE platform. It brings together online marketing professionals, sales specialists, crypto experts and offers club members smart software solutions for direct sellers, networkers and entrepreneurs in all industries.

Benefit from more than 19 years of experience in software development for MLM and gain exclusive access to the protected, international club community. Use a fully automated system with Artificial Intelligence, experience the ROXXTTER Club Marketing Machine – your ALL-in-ONE tool for effortless marketing, lead generation, sales and sponsoring.

Use only ONE community for all your activities and increase your success. Get income from multiple sources at the same time with a proven innovative system.

AI-supported System


Turbo-Duplication full Automated

Fancy growing your business? ROXXTTER offers you all the tools you need to achieve your goals.
Become a franchise company and discover the power of networking and duplication with the help of artificial intelligence.
The tedious search for contacts will soon be a thing of the past.

Analysis, branding
and Positioning

From personal to professional growth, Roxxtter Club helps you realise your business goals.
Become the rock star of your life.
Register for free and take advantage of its benefits today.

Exclusive Tools
and Education

Would you like to start your own business with Roxxtter or use the Roxxtter tools for your business? Here you will find step-by-step instructions and revolutionary products. Register for free and experience what positive change really feels like.

various income from several sources


AUTOMATED All-In-One system with sales app, landing page generator, webinar bot
in various licence levels


Academy, Events, Traffic Expert training,
Travel & Shop


SERIOUS EXPERTS CAREFULLY REVIEWED EXTERNAL PROJECTS from sectors such as health, crypto, MLM and more

Overall concept and Marketing plan proved

There is nothing worse than investing all your energy, time and trust in a platform only to realise after about a year that it was dubious and you lose face with your business contacts. For this reason, anyone who is interested in the Roxxtter Club should know that this is a concept that has been scrutinised by German lawyers!

Build your business
on a secure foundation

The system and the legal admissibility of the Roxxtter Club were examined and approved by Dr Nathalie Mahoudi on 27 July 2023 on the basis of all data and documents submitted.

Website: Dr. Mahmoudi & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

testat roxxtter-club

with the ROXXTTER-Club

subsequent problems are a thing of the past.

Over 200 million worldwide networker, Direct sellers and entrepreneurs with the same or similar problems now have an AIO solution!

The right

at the right time

Management & security

the team structure


& protect users



Methods & Strategies

for online income


from several projects


simple & fast


in sales and distribution

Some club benefits

Training by and with Vera Peters

When adventurers become corporate successes – benefit from one of the best trainers
for corporate development

Training to become
Traffic experts

Training from traffic experts with full access to the advertising and traffic center from the ROXTTTER Club

Travel with up to 75% discount

Use your own travel agency and benefit personally Discounts like large agencies for individual bookings. Travel for less.

Did you know that ...


According to a recent study, people would like to have more time and more money


estimated growth rate in direct-selling
and network marketing


of all households in Germany
in 2021
are online

20,3 Bill.

Euro sales were achieved in the network marketing industry in Germany in 2022


be able to do something with the term
artificial intelligence

238,5 Bill.

US $ sales in the network marketing industry worldwide were achieved in 2022

66,6 Mill.

Internet users
in Germany
in 2021

479,15 Bill.

US$ sales in the network marketing industry worldwide were forecast in 2032

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